Monday, September 15, 2008

Whew! A full weekend!

What a frenetic weekend! Friday, I put the finishing touches on a computer project for work, ran home for the kids who had a volleyball game and a football game to play in (both games running simultaneously, at the same school!) I got to the games late because there was a big fire that had closed both lanes of I-84!
So, I had to drive home on a cram-packed Hwy-14; then, after the games, out to dinner for a celebratory pizza. Saturday, a run into Portland to deposit my paycheck (a drawback to living in "the beautiful country", is that there are very few banks out here!) A grocery shopping trip, dinner out with my beautiful wife, then back home to rest up for Sunday. Sunday, another trip into Portland, to the mighty pilgrammage destination for all things homey.....IKEA! Bought loft beds for the Son and the Daughter. Then to Walmart for computer desks and bookshelves. Back home, to ride the kids to get their rooms picked up, so I could put the beds together. Finally finished the assembly at about 9:30 last night. I still have the desks and bookshelves to do, but I see those as after work projects this week. Tonight is SCA fighter practice across the river, tomorrow is a Baronial Council meeting to try and get our new Shire off the ground officially, and I think that somewhere in this week, I have another volleyball or football game to attend! WHEW! I'm tired just typing it out!

Somewhere in the next week or two, I need to come up with $300 to have the carbs on the CB900 rebuilt! But, the Van is sold and gone, my project was approved by the boss, the kids played awesome in their games, the pizza was good, the fire was put out, the check deposited, IKEA was conquered, my wife is still beautiful, and the beds are built! Yay me!!

Love you all!
'til next time...

(This was too cool to NOT share!)

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Things that puzzle this other goddess.... said...

Wow! I participated in a lot of that and just reading about it made ME tired! LOL Love you!