Thursday, March 12, 2009

A long time ago....

Haha, no Star Wars post here! It's been quite awhile since I posted. Just have been so busy with work, creating a new SCA group, getting the kids ready for changing schools (since their current high school is closing in June)and all the niggling things keeping an normal adult busy. I've been so busy, I still have a Christmas tree sitting in in my living room! Still fully decorated! I know, I know, pretty pathetic! second week of March and still Christmas at my house.....

So, the lack of a local SCA group has been a difficult thing to mentally overcome for me. This is a hobby I have been doing for almost 24 years now. I found that to be a completely unacceptable thing, so I did what any insane person would do....I started one! We have been at it now for about 2 years, have a pretty good core membership of about 12-15 people, with another 10-12 infrequent participants. Last month (about 3 weeks ago actually) the closest group to us, The Barony of Three Mountains, gave us their official sponsorship and the go-ahead to proceed with our application for status. Those of you not familiar with the process, because part of the territory we wished to claim was actually part of the Barony, we had to have their agreement to concede the land to us for this purpose. With the concession, we now have the ability to file our paperwork asking for recognition by the Kingdom of An Tir, and the SCA, Inc. Board of Directors. Our biggest hurdle should now be getting our name and coat of arms through the registration process. I am optimistically hoping for recognition of Incipient status at July Coronation in Three Mountains (Portland, OR for the SCA challenged). We'll see how it goes!

Whehw! I wrote that in March, and never got it to a point I felt it was ready to post. A lot of changes since then, (the Christmas tree has migrated to the end of the driveway!) but the big one is the group came together! We pushed all of our paperwork, submitted our name and device, and we were officially recognized at July Coronation as the Incipient Canton of HauksgarĂ°r, in the Barony of Three Mountains! The group is amazing! They have such enthusiasm for our Canton, and take such joy in playing, that it is a pleasure to lead. I wish I had 10 more of them!! LOL
We have had such good support from the other groups in the area, and now we are a real SCA group! Hopefully we can start to do some advertising now, and get some word of mouth out that we are here! Then our membership base can grow, and we can have some larger events. In the meantime, we will continue to camp a a group at other events, have our quarterly potluck type events, and grow.
Now, the Heralds have decided that they like our name, but not our device. Or at least the proportions and the blazon for the device. We've had an old college friend take a look at it, because he has some talent for heraldry. The revised device looks even cooler than the original (which I didn't pick, btw; I voted for a different one! LOL) This is what the revision looks like....Much better I think!
Well, I gotta save something for the next post! See all of you again, much sooner!

til next time!

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Things that puzzle this other goddess.... said...

That Stephan von Wulfen guy's pretty amazing at that heraldry stuff....hmmm! I DO like the new device, hopefully we'll get this one in and it will pass and everything.